Without sounding like I am about to launch into a Les Mis medley “Who am I? I’m…” ; or a philosophical debate, over my personal cogito “I think therefore I create…” I am going to try and tell you a little bit about myself.

So who am I?

I wear many hats:

Mother of 2 children, one of whom is autistic

Disabled woman

Founder and CEO of an artistled organisation





A member of the 1 in 4 women who miscarry

Union Rep



Home Educator


I started this blog about 5 years ago and then I stopped after a few months.  After miscarrying a very much wanted child early in 2018 I felt I needed an outlet to express myself outside of my visual work website and then I remembered, I had this unloved blog and so I am attempting to revisit it and maybe even keep it up this time… who cares if no one is reading


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  1. Viv Jebson says:

    After a low-point day with our 7 year old who has we don’t know quite what – ADHD? attachment disorder? Autism? I came across your inspirational blog. Thanks. Has given me strength.

    • B says:

      Thank you so much, that is quite possibly the nicest thing someone has said to me about the blog. I hope people realise that though life is tough, there is always someone who understands and there is always a better tomorrow. I hope to be including more freebies for special needs soon. Thanks again

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