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Work in Progress

The worst thing about running an arts not for profit and home educating my children is that I don’t often get to work on my own art as something always comes up to get in the way; or I feel such guilt about doing something for myself, which is meant...Read More »

Return of the blog.....

So in my head I have that song from the 90s, “Return of the Mac” as I write this…. except that noone knew I’d be back as noone probably knew I went away.  Well I have been away for almost 18months.  The reasons for this are varied.

I’ve launched an arts...Read More »


Why is it that whenever anything big is meant to happen I get ill?  I don’t know why but that is what always seems to happen.  A couple of weeks ago I came down with a bloody awful virus and I am having a nightmare trying to shake it.


Tomorrow is...Read More »

New Website Finally Finished

So a few weeks ago I decided I hated my website and convinced I didn’t have enough to do already, I decided to tear it down and start all over again.

It has taken me a huge amount of time and at various points I have thought about giving up on...Read More »

My Shop Is Online

So I haven’t written for a while (well outside of my moaning about the lack of thought toward disabled artists by a gallery) so I thought I would catch you up on what I have been doing.

Well outside of creating art, having pointless boat trips to galleries and home educating...Read More »

"SELF" The Private View That Never Was

This post was first published on the SHAPE ARTS website, but I thought I would feature it here too as I believe It is important.

I was going to post here about the private view at Quay Arts for an exhibition I am involved in called SELF that took place last night.  ...Read More »

Bee Happy

I was feeling down yesterday so I decided to make a little picture to cheep myself up.  This picture will be available as a card in the DRawnOn shop when it opens.

...Read More »

Day 7: Book Turned Up and Submission to Photobook Show

Well today despite poorliness I have done 2 new things (kind of).  I have started to open my mind to self-healing through chanting, the power of aum and hypnosis and I have submitted to the Photobook Show.

When I say I have submitted, what I mean is my book turned up...Read More »

Something New a Day: Day 6 -- I applied to join a very choosy network

Well today on my journey of re-wiring my brain and feeling the fear but doing it anyway I attempted to join a rather selective Arts Network.  I always find these things awkward and I don’t really like the idea of them; after all art is subjective so someone judging me...Read More »

Fragments Selected for SELF exhibtion

I was very happy yesterday morning when I discovered that Fragments has been chosen by Young Quay at Quay Arts to feature in their curated exhibition, SELF.

If you are on the Isle of Wight between 1st March and the end of April then please do pop in an have a...Read More »

Something New a Day, Day 4: Create a Fake Social Network

I was unable to post yesterday as I spent all day creating the fake social network and then felt so unwell I went to bed.  Anyhow you will probably wonder why anyone would want to create a fake social network if it wasn’t for bad reasons.


Well  I have been working...Read More »

Change your Life Day 3: Poetry Submission to Ninth Letter

So today’s new thing is  I submitted a collection of six of my poems to University of Illinos’ literary journal the Ninth Letter.  Although I am well aware that nothing will probably come of any of this I think the main thing is that I am trying to make a...Read More »

Something New Day 2: Publishing a photobook

So my attempts to change my life by changing one thing every day almost had a setback today as soon as they started when I woke up feeling incredibly unwell.  In fact I was so ill I had to forgo my Father-in-law’s birthday and felt horribly guilty for upsetting my...Read More »

New Dawn

I have decided that I am sick and tired of my life staying the same.  What is it that Einstein said and my husband keeps reminding me about:

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”


So what are...Read More »

A Road Less Travelled at the Well Hung Gallery

If you have any interest in seeing some of my work in the “real” world then you can catch Snapshot at The Chocolate Factory with Shape Arts until the 30th and A Road Less Travelled at the Well Hung Gallery in Hoxton until 29th February and if you want to make...Read More »

London Art Fair 2014

So last week was quite a busy old week for me; I had some work in an exhibition open and I had the London Art Fair to attend (thanks very much to Axis web for the tickets).


Sadly my health means that despite my original plan to attend both the private...Read More »

Realising Your Achievements

I have been feeling pretty rubbish lately; family problems, poor health and life not going as I want it to have left me feeling, well shit to be honest.  In my head I have a picture of what life should be like and how I should be and my reality...Read More »

Faces of Caring Exhibition

I did write a big post here but somehow I managed to delete without realising; publish it and then realise so I could not press undo….. don’t you hate it when that happens?!

Anyhow the Faces of Caring exhibition is a photographic exhibition curated by the lovely Katherine Sparks of...Read More »

Memories & Dreamscapes

My series Memories and Dreamscapes was recently exhibited as part of Art in Libraries.  I believe this is a brilliant way of bringing art into the lives of everyone and is probably the first glimpse of artistic pieces that many children get.

Libraries are amazing places where people from all walks...Read More »

Shape Open 2013: Preview Night


So for those of you who have never ventured onto my ghost blog before (I call it this as it exists but not many people ever see it and you wouldn’t really know it’s there), you will be unaware that one of my pieces (in my With Me, Without...Read More »

London Drop Off

So tomorrow it is off to London to drop off Snapshot that I have, probably wrongly, been working on since it was selected for the Shape Open a couple of months ago.

I am, typically for me, dreading it.  Whenever anyone see’s my work I feel sick.  Ah...Read More »

Mother's Ruin

I know some mums feel oh so proud

Of the lines they have accrued

The silver lines, the softer flesh

The marks that shout “I gave LIFE!”


But I lament,


They do not feel like badges of great pride

Of proud battle scars that scream out

“I am woman, I am mother, hear me roar”


They are marks...Read More »

"Snapshot" Selected for Shape Open 2013

So on Friday I got the rather lovely news that my piece “Snapshot” had been chosen as one of the selected pieces for this year’s Shape Open first to be exhibited at The Nunnery: Bow Arts 3rd Oct — 27th Oct and then toured at various galleries around the country...Read More »

Wickham Festival 2013

So being the sick but busy person that I am, it is only now, a week after the Wickham festival that I have got a chance to post about it.

Luckily for us we live very close to Wickham and so what with illness, lots of animals and 2 children (one...Read More »


Weary, Confused and Longing

For a chance to sleep and to dream

Feeling the memories of another day

Slip between my fingers

As my brain recycles through the wasteland

Of the pointless things we believe

Feeling my energy zapping

As I fall through the cracks on the floor


...Read More »



roaming from A to B

I have no answers

Only the loneliness of a questioning soul

I see frameless heads on nameless walls

I watch the world existing without me in it

I am around people and drowning in a cacophony of sound


I am alone again and the world is empty


...Read More »

What I'm working on........More Than a Feeling

I am currently in the midst of two projects and thought I would share some info about one of them.

More Than a Feeling [working title] is a look at how people identify themselves and how we experience emotion.  I am interested in examining emotions in different ways: text, shape...Read More »

Aspex Gallery Freedom's Road

So some days you have a nice surprise.  Some days you have a crap one.  Last week I had quite a nice surprise.

Aspex Gallery in Portsmouth have been running an open arts project called “Freedom’s Road”.  For this they asked artists living within an hour of the gallery to send...Read More »

Arts Able Survey

As I’m sure you are aware I have been working very hard lately on trying to start a charity to help children who have developmental disabilities access the arts in a more useful and interactive way.  If you are interested in finding out more then please have a look at...Read More »

Story of Mum: mums making an exhibition of ourselves! VIRTUAL TOUR

As mothers, it’s not often that we feel seen, heard and valued. Yet our everyday stories matter, and sharing them can inspire others. Story of Mum: Mums making an exhibition of ourselves is a touring programme of exhibitions and events in galleries and online that aims to put...Read More »

HAIKU: The Artist's Lament

My mind paints pictures

That my words cannot describe

My Tongue tied in thought

...Read More »


In the middle of the night when everything’s quiet and nobody is there to tell

Is when my mind drifts away to a land of forgotten summers and half lit pictures

Faded by the sun and its countless rises and fallings.


The clock ticks on the wall

Tick. Tock .Tick. Tock, Tick

The dog snores...Read More »

The Personal/Artist's Statement Nightmare

I have had enough today.  My head is swirling, my stomach is sore and my children are driving me to nervous breakdown land (it’s real, I haven’t made it up, they have rides and everything).

Anyhow despite my ill health and impending nervous exhaustion, I have had quite a busy day. ...Read More »

Story of Mum

So today has been pretty cool.  First I got an email from this great Arts Centre I approached about the new charity and exhibition space and I got a pretty great response:

they could not be trustees owing to the local council upping their rent by 110% and needing to pour...Read More »

I'm in a magazine

So if you’re interested in photography and Hampshire you might have caught some of my work in the glossy “Hampshire Life” this month.

It is nice to see your work on the magazine stands.  Anyhow for those of you who missed it, here are the images that were featured:

Read More »

Autism and thinking visually

Please note this post was originally posted on the littledoers blog back in September 2012


As some people who follow me on twitter may know my son recently had his diagnosis of autism confirmed. It has been a strange road since our initial fears over his lack of speech back when...Read More »

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