Something New Day 2: Publishing a photobook

So my attempts to change my life by changing one thing every day almost had a setback today as soon as they started when I woke up feeling incredibly unwell.  In fact I was so ill I had to forgo my Father-in-law’s birthday and felt horribly guilty for upsetting my family (my husband was fine but my autistic son took it very badly).

Anyhow I was determined not to lose it, after all when you lose that momentum it’s pretty hard to get it back.  So today I decided that despite my severe vertigo and sickness I was going to go ahead and finish creating my first photobook so that I could donate it to the photobook archive.

I spent hours doing it but I have finished it and it is now available to buy in the blurb shop; or peruse at will there.

Empty Chairs and Empty Tables

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