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Why is it that whenever anything big is meant to happen I get ill?  I don’t know why but that is what always seems to happen.  A couple of weeks ago I came down with a bloody awful virus and I am having a nightmare trying to shake it.   […]

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New Website Finally Finished


So a few weeks ago I decided I hated my website and convinced I didn’t have enough to do already, I decided to tear it down and start all over again. It has taken me a huge amount of time and at various points I have thought about giving up […]

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My Shop Is Online

teddy bear

So I haven’t written for a while (well outside of my moaning about the lack of thought toward disabled artists by a gallery) so I thought I would catch you up on what I have been doing. Well outside of creating art, having pointless boat trips to galleries and home […]

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Day 7: Book Turned Up and Submission to Photobook Show


Well today despite poorliness I have done 2 new things (kind of).  I have started to open my mind to self-healing through chanting, the power of aum and hypnosis and I have submitted to the Photobook Show. When I say I have submitted, what I mean is my book turned […]

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Something New a Day: Day 6 — I applied to join a very choosy network

Well today on my journey of re-wiring my brain and feeling the fear but doing it anyway I attempted to join a rather selective Arts Network.  I always find these things awkward and I don’t really like the idea of them; after all art is subjective so someone judging me […]

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Fragments Selected for SELF exhibtion


I was very happy yesterday morning when I discovered that Fragments has been chosen by Young Quay at Quay Arts to feature in their curated exhibition, SELF. If you are on the Isle of Wight between 1st March and the end of April then please do pop in an have […]

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Something New a Day, Day 4: Create a Fake Social Network


I was unable to post yesterday as I spent all day creating the fake social network and then felt so unwell I went to bed.  Anyhow you will probably wonder why anyone would want to create a fake social network if it wasn’t for bad reasons.   Well  I have […]

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Change your Life Day 3: Poetry Submission to Ninth Letter

So today’s new thing is  I submitted a collection of six of my poems to University of Illinos’ literary journal the Ninth Letter.  Although I am well aware that nothing will probably come of any of this I think the main thing is that I am trying to make a […]

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Something New Day 2: Publishing a photobook


So my attempts to change my life by changing one thing every day almost had a setback today as soon as they started when I woke up feeling incredibly unwell.  In fact I was so ill I had to forgo my Father-in-law’s birthday and felt horribly guilty for upsetting my […]

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A Road Less Travelled at the Well Hung Gallery

If you have any interest in seeing some of my work in the “real” world then you can catch Snapshot at The Chocolate Factory with Shape Arts until the 30th and A Road Less Travelled at the Well Hung Gallery in Hoxton until 29th February and if you want to make […]

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