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Return of the blog…..

So in my head I have that song from the 90s, “Return of the Mac” as I write this…. except that noone knew I’d be back as noone probably knew I went away.  Well I have been away for almost 18months.  The reasons for this are varied. I’ve launched an […]

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Hi  this is a very short post.  If like me you use After Effects for your work sometimes then you probably have come across this issue.  You got export something, add it to the encoder queue, or launch it and after loading up you are met with the crash screen. […]

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My Shop Is Online

teddy bear

So I haven’t written for a while (well outside of my moaning about the lack of thought toward disabled artists by a gallery) so I thought I would catch you up on what I have been doing. Well outside of creating art, having pointless boat trips to galleries and home […]

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Bee Happy


I was feeling down yesterday so I decided to make a little picture to cheep myself up.  This picture will be available as a card in the DRawnOn shop when it opens.

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Day 12: Proposals and periods

Ok it’s a horrible title but I don’t care because I am feeling like poo.  I am still not over this virus; my sinuses are blocked and painful and I have the world’s worst period. This is really crap as I having a meeting tonight as a prospective trustee for […]

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DAY 11: Working on the new Internet Shop & Dealing with Rejection

So yesterday was a bit of a nightmare.  Health is still pants and a project that I was really excited about and which I had a real amount of passion for is now not going to happen.  Now despite my rationalising things and always wanting to look on the positive […]

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Day 10: I rebalanced my chakras and learnt to see my aura

Ok so I woke up still feeling lousy but hormones are contributing to that. I have still managed to carry along my path to enlightenment and curing myself in all senses and trying to make my way in the world. After reading about chakras I decided to do an alignment […]

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Day 9: Bed Rest, Getting IT and wardrobe dismissal

Ok so this week has been a bit crap in some ways, the fridge-freezer broke down (for good this time); I have been feeling awful and in pain and it has interfered in my plans. Now you can either get down about these things or start to look at solutions.  […]

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Day 8: Continued chanting, and making it downstairs

Right today I sadly woke up feeling worse than I had the previous day and what’s more I seem to have developed a temperature.  Anyhow I invited my father round for lunch today as my mother is away with her other daughter. I have not been able to be out […]

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Day 7: Book Turned Up and Submission to Photobook Show


Well today despite poorliness I have done 2 new things (kind of).  I have started to open my mind to self-healing through chanting, the power of aum and hypnosis and I have submitted to the Photobook Show. When I say I have submitted, what I mean is my book turned […]

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