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Return of the blog…..

So in my head I have that song from the 90s, “Return of the Mac” as I write this…. except that noone knew I’d be back as noone probably knew I went away.  Well I have been away for almost 18months.  The reasons for this are varied. I’ve launched an […]

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Story of Mum

I'm a mum and

So today has been pretty cool.  First I got an email from this great Arts Centre I approached about the new charity and exhibition space and I got a pretty great response: they could not be trustees owing to the local council upping their rent by 110% and needing to […]

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  You will need: Different fabric remnants, it’s good to have 3 or 4 different colours/patterns. Scissiors/pinking shears Card or funky foam (to make a template) or a ready made piece of card bunting Thread Sewing machine or needles Pins Bias Tape   First of all make a template. I […]

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