Day 9: Bed Rest, Getting IT and wardrobe dismissal

Ok so this week has been a bit crap in some ways, the fridge-freezer broke down (for good this time); I have been feeling awful and in pain and it has interfered in my plans.

Now you can either get down about these things or start to look at solutions.  I have made a conscious decision to look for solutions.

Now my husband will tell you I am a bit of a self-help nut; I have collections of books on this way and that way to improve your life, but until now I have always been stuck in the same rut.  Then last week something clicked and I started upon this new journey to improve my life and get well both mentally and physically, all by connecting the body-mind the trying to change my brain by doing at least one new things, or one thing different every day.

I woke up feeling so unwell today that I was unable to go downstairs and so I sat in my bed; did my meditation and healing chanting and my hypnosis and then I started to think what more could I do.  I truly believe that we can create the life we want and make ourselves fitter and healthier but the trouble is knowing how to do that.

I read yesterday that the CDC suggests that 90% of illness and disease is related to stress and that through things like diet, meditation/relaxation and exercise this can be halted and even reversed.

Now reading this made me so happy and positive.  Since my anxiety disorder got out of control, some may say I suffered an amygdala hi-jack, I have found my physical health get worse and worse.  As I am very wary to take medicine (I take some to keep me alive but I am a genuine pharmacophobic) that kind of leaves me with an issue so in many ways I only have myself to fall back on; and so this is brilliant news.

So today I found the video of The Secret, now I bought the book years ago and read it but there were always doubts in my head and then I watched it today it all seemed to makes sense and a lot of it kind of agreed with other things I’ve read and conclusions I’ve been coming to by myself for a while now.

I felt invigorated after watching it and am teaming it with following my own path.  I have informed husband that the white wall in our room is going to be turned into a giant vision board.


After I watched it I immediately felt compelled to empty my wardrobe of any clothes I had been holding on to that make me feel bad, don’t fit or that I don’t wear.  I’ve had to stop as I get worn out very easily but I have got about 10-15 items ready for the textile bank.

I feel really proud of myself you see I am more than a little bit mental.  I kind of, since I was a young child have a major fear that everything has a form of consciousness and therefore the ability for its feelings to be hurt, because of this I am a bit of a hoarder.  I have assuaged my mental guilt by consoling myself with the news that they will be helping someone else who needs it and sometimes a physical clean out is part of the process of a mental clean out.


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