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Day 7: Chanting, Meditating and Hypnosis

Well for someone trying to relax and get well I have been very busy the last 15 or so hours.  I have decided to try and rid myself of anxiety and fear, thus curing my anxiety disorder, by trying to learn various healing mediums.  I have done lots of reading […]

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Something New a Day: Day 6 — I applied to join a very choosy network

Well today on my journey of re-wiring my brain and feeling the fear but doing it anyway I attempted to join a rather selective Arts Network.  I always find these things awkward and I don’t really like the idea of them; after all art is subjective so someone judging me […]

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Day 5: A new Dawn

I seem to be running a day late with the writing up of my daily changes and new things, this is largely down to the fact that I have been so bloody unwell.  I’m supposed to have a networking meeting today for mums who are self employed but alas I […]

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Something New a Day, Day 4: Create a Fake Social Network


I was unable to post yesterday as I spent all day creating the fake social network and then felt so unwell I went to bed.  Anyhow you will probably wonder why anyone would want to create a fake social network if it wasn’t for bad reasons.   Well  I have […]

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Change your Life Day 3: Poetry Submission to Ninth Letter

So today’s new thing is  I submitted a collection of six of my poems to University of Illinos’ literary journal the Ninth Letter.  Although I am well aware that nothing will probably come of any of this I think the main thing is that I am trying to make a […]

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Something New Day 2: Publishing a photobook


So my attempts to change my life by changing one thing every day almost had a setback today as soon as they started when I woke up feeling incredibly unwell.  In fact I was so ill I had to forgo my Father-in-law’s birthday and felt horribly guilty for upsetting my […]

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New Dawn

I have decided that I am sick and tired of my life staying the same.  What is it that Einstein said and my husband keeps reminding me about: “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”   […]

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