Day 7: Book Turned Up and Submission to Photobook Show

Well today despite poorliness I have done 2 new things (kind of).  I have started to open my mind to self-healing through chanting, the power of aum and hypnosis and I have submitted to the Photobook Show.

When I say I have submitted, what I mean is my book turned up this morning and I am so happy with it, it looks so professional (YEY!) and I have completed the submission form and paid the fee.

Even though I know the chances of being selected are very low, I have decided to donate my book to the photobook archive even if not selected for this show.  This means that my book will be there with many others and be there to be preserved and shared with anyone who is interested for a long time to come.  What is more it is there to be considered for future shows and projects should they come up!


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