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I want to scream and run far, far away

A little over two weeks ago my life changed forever.  I was unaware this metamorphosis was happening, but it was. For 7 long years I had wanted a third child (believe me I am all too aware of how lucky I have been to have two children previously, who despite […]

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Day 7: Chanting, Meditating and Hypnosis

Well for someone trying to relax and get well I have been very busy the last 15 or so hours.  I have decided to try and rid myself of anxiety and fear, thus curing my anxiety disorder, by trying to learn various healing mediums.  I have done lots of reading […]

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Mother’s Ruin

I know some mums feel oh so proud Of the lines they have accrued The silver lines, the softer flesh The marks that shout “I gave LIFE!”   But I lament,   They do not feel like badges of great pride Of proud battle scars that scream out “I am […]

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