Hi  this is a very short post.  If like me you use After Effects for your work sometimes then you probably have come across this issue.  You got export something, add it to the encoder queue, or launch it and after loading up you are met with the crash screen.

You search frantically for an answer to your problem.  You scour You Tube for a video telling you how to fix this.

Now I watched many videos today telling me how to do it, but none of them answered my problems, the files weren’t where mine were, or they were telling me to delete everything.   I am quite a fearful person and couldn’t do this in case the sky caved in and so I continued my quest.  I then found the simplest solution going and here it is.


As you launch Media Encoder hold down your shift key, now as I am a paranoid freak I held down both Shift keys for good measure.  Keep your fingers on them while it loads up [NB I found out you have to do it as you launch not during launch as this won’t work].

That’s all there is to it.   Apparently this deletes your preference files (and it is a corrupt one of these that is causing your problem) and you are good to go!

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