Why is it that whenever anything big is meant to happen I get ill?  I don’t know why but that is what always seems to happen.  A couple of weeks ago I came down with a bloody awful virus and I am having a nightmare trying to shake it.


Tomorrow is the closing party for the Shape Open 2013.  After nearly 6 months of art on tour, our art is getting ready to leave the walls they adorn and return to their creators.  But not before we have a little party to celebrate.


When I say little this is the operative word; it is only on for a couple of hours but seeing as I am the world’s worst networker I feel I should go and actually make an effort to talk to people.  IT all boils down to self confidence, since I got ill many years ago I have felt my confidence dwindle, to the point where I almost don’t feel worthy of being in anybody’s company.  This is idiotic because in my heart I know I am quite good but still I have a raven on my shoulder who caws into my ear “you’re no good… why are you even here…”

(soldier’s child by MarionMichell)

Still it’s only a couple of hours.

If you read this and are going to Lewisham Art House tomorrow and you see a very tall man and a lady in a wheelchair who look uncomfortable and possibly unapproachable, we are not.  Come and say hi


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