DAY 11: Working on the new Internet Shop & Dealing with Rejection

So yesterday was a bit of a nightmare.  Health is still pants and a project that I was really excited about and which I had a real amount of passion for is now not going to happen.  Now despite my rationalising things and always wanting to look on the positive side; this is in reality a tool I use to keep myself going; to keep myself plugging away and not giving up.

In reality when I feel rejected, when something I was sure was going to happen, doesn’t; I get really upset.  I know it’s ridiculous and that I shouldn’t let things bother me; I know it’s just opinion and it’s not personal and I’m not rubbish it’s just there is a difference between what I produce and what they are looking for.  But still it hurts, still I get dejected and depressed and still I see it as a confirmation of my deepest feelings of self-doubt and fear.

This I think is only natural.  Today I am feeling more distance and understand that it is not the end of the world or my life, despite how it may feel at times and that it is just a minor setback in the great scheme of things.

In a bid to get over my feelings of inadequacy I focused on my new shop and set about finding a theme to modify and rework my logo.

For those of you who don’t know and that is everyone; I have decided to start selling my illustrated creations in the form of jewellery, cards, cufflinks, bookmarks fridge magnets etc…. I have been spending weeks working on my stock and trialling various methods.  Now it is just the creation of my selling platform and the boring task of data entry and product photography (though I am a trained photographer I do not enjoy product photography at all).  Still it will be worth it in the end.


Even when we get setbacks and things seem to go wrong we must remember to keep plodding forward to keep on moving as that is the only way we grow and progress and what is a person’s failure today can become their success tomorrow; the main thing is that we are constantly learning.

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