Day 10: I rebalanced my chakras and learnt to see my aura

Ok so I woke up still feeling lousy but hormones are contributing to that.

I have still managed to carry along my path to enlightenment and curing myself in all senses and trying to make my way in the world.

After reading about chakras I decided to do an alignment which is quite a strange process, the method I chose uses very low and high frequency sounds and to be honest it had quite a strange effect on me, making my body literally vibrate.  I won’t say it was a nice feeling, it wasn’t at all, but I actually feel lighter afterwards if that makes any sense.

I moved on to further reading about auras.  I have tried before but always found it difficult.  Anyhow today I actually saw my aura: it’s a light lilac/purple colour.  That was cool but a bit weird.

I contacted local organisations about an idea I have to promote disabled artists; I sent off artwork, I sent  off my book and I meditated.

I am one of those great believers that even when you feel really ill you can still do something.  Even if it’s small, you can still try and improve your life in some way.

It was a good day too; I accidentally had a renewal on an old business email account that I no longer use and basically I was charged £70.  On seeing this I freaked out and contacted the provider and even though it was my fault for not checking (if I’m honest), they still gave me a full refund.  Now I’ve found out that’s a credit but it’s still a return which is just fantastic.

I have continued with my gratitude journal which I started yesterday; my gentle stretches that my husband helps me with as my body won’t let me do it without help and my meditation and although yes I am still a mess, and yes I am still to unwell to be out of bed I believe I can and will get better one day.


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