Work in Progress

The worst thing about running an arts not for profit and home educating my children is that I don’t often get to work on my own art as something always comes up to get in the way; or I feel such guilt about doing something for myself, which is meant to be my career, that I end up wasting time kicking myself about it.

Anyhow, my organisation has recently acquired a new pop up in a shopping centre and this space will mostly be used for self-directed residencies by artists.  To make use of the space before it opens to others I decided it would be a good opportunity to work on some of my larger pieces that have been mothballed for a while.  The sad part is that I only have a day or so a week (not even a whole day some times) when I can actually get in there, so a month’s use has only rendered me about 5 days in total.  Anyhow be grateful for what you’ve got and I did manage to get quite a bit done in that time, including work on 3  pieces, 2 new and 1 existing.

view of work in progress plaster layer 1 complexities... centre start close up centre complexities starting to attach eyes for complexities plaster layer 2 taking shape intricate thread gold stage 4 face up angle in detail wire work tactile in progress freestanding complexities front in progress hanging complexities ... close up under hanging side view complexities hanging



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