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So some days you have a nice surprise.  Some days you have a crap one.  Last week I had quite a nice surprise.

Aspex Gallery in Portsmouth have been running an open arts project called “Freedom’s Road”.  For this they asked artists living within an hour of the gallery to send in small postcard size works that responded to notions of Progress and Freedom.  All that fitted the criteria would be displayed and then some would be used on the website and newsletters.

It was quite a nice surprise then, when considering all the contributions that when I opened my aspex newsletter on the 13th June that I came across my contribution.  The only image from the project to be showcased in their newsletter.

As an artist I find I am constantly plagued by self-doubt.  Am I good enough? No, I’m not good enough.  Will anyone take me seriously?  Why do I bother?  Should I just give up?

Quite often I will land up hating a piece after I have finished it such is my self-doubt.  This can even be something I am proud of half an hour before.  On the constant quest for perfection when that can never be reached I often feel uneasy.

And so, when I see this:

Freedom's Road FLyer

I am immediately lifted.    Yes, there may be quite a few of us selected for the website at various times, but I was the only one showcased on the newsletter.

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