What I’m working on……..More Than a Feeling

I am currently in the midst of two projects and thought I would share some info about one of them.

More Than a Feeling [working title] is a look at how people identify themselves and how we experience emotion.  I am interested in examining emotions in different ways: text, shape and colour.  We are often told to get in touch with our feelings and that is precisely what I want people to do.

Touch Yourself

        Touch Yourself

Felt is a very involved process and the end result is very tactile.  It is both strong and fragile at the same time (depending on how you work it), much like we as humans.

The aim is to make people interact with the work, to literally get in touch with our feelings.

jealousy and control

                     Control & Jealousy

At present there are two parts to the project.  Psyche a self portrait through shape, colour and form and Touch Yourself.  I am currently working on a large third piece to the series.



You can view the rest of the project so far at www.badhofbauer.com

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