Memories & Dreamscapes

My series Memories and Dreamscapes was recently exhibited as part of Art in Libraries.  I believe this is a brilliant way of bringing art into the lives of everyone and is probably the first glimpse of artistic pieces that many children get.

Libraries are amazing places where people from all walks of life can be found.  They are places of relaxation and learning.  In some cases they are a vital lifeline for those who live alone or do not have Internet access at home.  They allow the education and advancement of the common  man and money, education, gender, race or disability is no barrier.

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Although it does not have the gravitas of some of the other projects and venues I have been involved with; I for one am proud that my work has been accessible to all who care to drop in to their local library and I hope that they continue to support artists and artists support them well into the future.

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