They are driving me mad

Yes from the title you’ve probably guessed that I am feeling a little on the edge.  My dear, sweet lovely children are in fact, driving me loco.

This morning we had the OT and Moo was about as uncooperative as he could possibly be. He refrained from answering most questions, much preferring to offer a “da da daaaa” to everything he was asked or asked to do.  The poor OT felt so bad that she even questioned whether it was worth us coming any more as she could not do anything with him when he is like this.   After a discussion she decided that we would continue as we are for now and will be seeing her again after Christmas.

We also discovered that as well as being very hypermobile in his legs, Moo also has big problems with his thumbs.  According to the OT that because of this his problems holding a pen or the like are made even worse as he lacks any support in this thumbs and that they have no idea how to remedy this as a splint would prevent him using them at all.  Ah well, we await what her colleagues have to say on the matter.

On returning home we managed to do some worksheets but as the day progressed Moo found the world even harder to cope with.  This was made worse when his sister was picked up from nursery and he was unable to have all the attention and worse still when his 30 mins Minecraft time came to an end (seriously unless you have a child with autism you will have no idea what a nightmare this is).

Since that point we have had major fights between the monsters, crying, screaming and Moo attempting to throw himself out of a window again.

Is it wrong that despite how much I adore my children on days like this I actually sit there counting down the minutes until they are in their beds and I can finally breathe.

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