Juice Fasting……..hmmmmm

I watched a documentary on channel 5 a few days ago.  An Australian chap with an  autoimmune disorder and carrying an extra 100lbs embarked upon a new eating and fitness regime (when he was well enough to exercise) to get well and lose the weight .

The regimen was sixty days of nothing but juice and then a new, healthy plant based diet (though he could still eat meat, etc (just in moderation)).  As I watched although there were things I disagreed with and had seen conflicting research for; there was no denying this bloke lost weight and his autoimmune disorder was kept completely in check.

Here is the website http://www.fatsickandnearlydead.com/ you cannot watch it online in UK but you can in other countries.

Now you could argue, of course you’re going to lose weight if you’re not eating for 60 days and of course your health would improve with so much veg, but still as I have mentioned before, I am desperate right now: desperate to get well (and remember I am a pharmacophobic) and get thin again and so will try most things if it gives me hope.

So the next day I bought a juicer and started to make my first batch of juice.

My first juice, though hated by the children was ok.  As I was worried about juicing raw cabbage and greens they were mostly fruit to begin with.  Then yesterday I migrated on to 50% veg, 50% fruit juice and I was nearly sick.

How do people drink this stuff???

It looked like mud put through a blender/liquidiser and it tasted of earth.  It has to be said that part of the problem is that I hate celery, cucumber, spinach and raw carrot and these formed the bulk of my recipe: I know it sound ridiculous that I am trying to eat/drink like this.  Still I forced it down, and I might add, kept it down.

In the aftermath of my achievement (because for me, it was an achievement), I wondered “how am I going to keep this up for  60 days?”  I have now lowered my initial idea of 60 days into 3 days, 6 at most.  I will then move onto homemade soups and then onto Dr Terry Wahls minding your mitachondria diet.

I have to get well, this illness is driving me mad: literally.  Every day my anxiety levels increase and with every new symptom I get worried that something awful will happen.


What do you think?  Have you tried juicing?  Do you think food can be used as medicine?

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