The Autism Chronicles Day One

So today I have decided to start writing down some of our daily experiences due to Meltdown Moo’s issues.  Before I begin you must understand that we are quite a batty family anyway and we already stand out of a crowd.  Let me introduce you to the players:

Mum: That’s me.  Rather batty, self-employed, home educating, misanthropic hippy creative type (yes I know it’s paradoxical but also quite true).  I take photos and create art and like to start screenplays that I never finish.  I’m also a bit of a moody cow, an ex-depressive, ex- eating disorder sufferer and tee-totaller (for many reasons).

Oh and I’m also suffering from a chronic illness, but try not to let it get me down.  Continuing self-pity is for wimps (so why did I use the word “suffering” (hits self in head for moaning)).  I’m also in a wheelchair due to my illness and far too reliant on the help of my husband/carer/business partner for my liking.


Dad/Carer:  That’s my husband he’s 6ft4+.  We have a love-hate relationship but most of the time tolerate each other as at the end of the day we love each other really and our nit-picking of one another is our main source of entertainment.  He is a budding film-maker: got a 1st for film production at Uni but then left it to be serious (oh and had a breakdown in the process) and now has realised that he missed it greatly so the day business exists to allow the following of our true callings and he is back making documentary films.   He is quite batty too, a dreamer who is like an excited puppy one minute and Eeyore the next and co-home educator/ runner of business.

He is also my carer and the poor bugger who has to try and take the kids to pre school.  As you will soon discover this is not an enjoyable experience with Metldown Moo.


Meltdown Moo:  Is our oldest child.  He will be 5 next month and is not your average child.  He is autistic, I say that rather than “has autism” as he doesn’t have it, it’s just him, my monkey.  He also suffers  from hypermobility syndrome.  It is he who inspired me to add this section to site as every day brings with it more trials but also more hilarious happenings all down to him being in the world.


Pixie Princess: She is our baby, well she’s 2 now (23 months if there’s a 2year age limit on Free Entry).  She is equally hilarious, in many ways a lot easier work than Moo but is also a bossy little thing.  She is super tough (she has to be to deal with her big brother) but also a little actress.


There are also a host of supporting characters but to list them would take too long.  Now that’s over, let us begin………………………..


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