Tummy Toners do they work

So like any woman who needs to lose a few pounds I am on a diet (see earlier post) and as I am a wheelchair with severe muscle weakness and movement problems the ol’ exercising thing is a bit of a bugger.  I mean I try adapting exercises to a sitting position but it’s not really the same.

It is for this reason that I first became interested in the ol’ slendertone when I was trying to tone up after having meltdown moo.  The thing is, like so many things; I got it, used it for a week and then my dear husband “tidied” it away and I didn’t see it until last week.

As I was embarking on my new diet I thought I would get hubby to get it down and i woud start using it again to see if it works.  The box says 100% of people noticed a more toned stomach after 8 weeks with an average waist reduction of 1.4″. I’ve been using it for 3 days and all I’ve really noiticed is the pain it causes me (muscle spasms) but hey ho time will tell!


What about you? Have you used one? Have you found it useful in toning up?  I’d be interested to know

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