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ln-House Den Building

It’s cold outside, the ground is full of snow; I can’t leave the house in account of my brand new electric wheelchair dying (yes I am very angry and bitter).  Therefore I decided to ressurect an old blog post that I orginaly put on Little last year. Today we […]

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Recycled Crayons

What do you get if you cross a baking mould, broken crayons, a duck and an oven?   Don’t know……….   Recycled funky new crayons (I lied about the duck)   Here’s how.   Find all your old, broken crayons and remove all the paper from them If they’re too […]

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Messy Play: Shaving Foam Speedway

This post was originally featured on my old blog little doers last year Today has been pretty much of a blah day. The weather is a bit bleugh, the children are antsy, I’m feeling poorly and generally a bit bleugh. So I thought to myself, how can we try and […]

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