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Making Butter with kids……. mmmmm homemade butter

butter making

So “yes” it is possible and even quite fun to make delicious butter at home with your kids.  It’s a brilliant way to start teaching your young children about science too. Now excuse the quality of the photographs, I hate the i-phone picture quality and I had very greasy hands […]

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Olympic Worksheet Freebie: Say Hello Around the World

Please download my free printable inspired by the Olympics.  Get your kids to colour in and learn about countries’ flags and how to say “Hello” in different languages!   Just click on the image below to be able to download a PDF.  Please respect my copyright and do not distribute.  […]

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New Year Colouring for Kids

We all love freebies, even more after the big expense of Christmas.  Here is a FREE Kids Colouring page for January.  Just click on the image for a printable PDF.

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Hedgehog Colouring In

Give your kids some cool colouring in to do with our free printable.  All you have to do is click on the image and that will take you to a PDF file that you can then print and colour.   Please do remember to respect my copyright though. Thanks  

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Kids Halloween FREEBIE

Halloween is fast approaching and here at Love Make Create we love to celebrate a good holiday and so in the spirit of celebration here is a free colouring sheet for you to print out for your little ones.   All you have to do is click on the image […]

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free harvest print out

The ancient Celtic Festival of SamHain is nearly upon us, a time where the death of summer is celebrated and the fruits harvested.  Why not download and print our FREE Harvest printable this Autumn!   Just click on the image to be taken to an A4 sized printable.  To print […]

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Charity Begins at Home

“What an odd blog title” I may hear you say.  Well not really when you understand the context.  No, I’m not really some misanthropic person who wants to end all do-gooding.  On the contrary I am setting up a charity due to my son’s disability.   It occurred to me […]

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It is Spring…. why not make a simple spring mobile with your kids?

spring simple mobile

So as the title suggests it is spring. No, really it is; it’s just pretending to be winter. So in honour of all things new and reborn, I give you…… da da da da.  My spring mobile for your pre-schoolers to make! To make this craft you will need: Tissue […]

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B is for……. colouring in

Help your little one to learn the alphabet with our free printables.  All you need to do is to click on the image for a free full size image!    

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Welcome to our colour in alphabet series.  Every week we will be bringing you a new letter to colour in to aid your childs creative development and letter recognition. The first is A is for Apple. Just click on the image for a printable A4 PDF

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