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Making Butter with kids……. mmmmm homemade butter

butter making

So “yes” it is possible and even quite fun to make delicious butter at home with your kids.  It’s a brilliant way to start teaching your young children about science too. Now excuse the quality of the photographs, I hate the i-phone picture quality and I had very greasy hands […]

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Grow your Own

M & A tending to berries

I love my garden.  Really I do.  It provides me with a sense of calm, of achievement and joy, and hopefully in a couple of months, it will be providing my family and I with lots of delicious, nutrient rich fruit and veg. How can you garden if you’re disabled? […]

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Step in Vegan

Ok so I never thought I would become a vegan, I tried being a vegetarian once but that did not go very well.  I was 13 and my parents had let me see a rather inappropriate film called “Parents”. Now I do not know if you have any experience of […]

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Make Your Own Yoghurt

Before I start, I apologise about the quality of the images I was using my kindle camera which is a bit pants so they’re not great.   There is nothing tastier than your own homemade yoghurt.  Seriously, it is delicious and do you know what’s even better, it’s (a) really […]

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