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Ok so I never thought I would become a vegan, I tried being a vegetarian once but that did not go very well.  I was 13 and my parents had let me see a rather inappropriate film called “Parents”.


Now I do not know if you have any experience of this film but it is disturbing to say the least.  Essentially they are cannibals who murder and eat their neighbours and well any unfortunate soul to get in the way really.  Well as a messed up teen (no seriously I was very messed up) my mind went into overdrive and I became slightly convinced all meat was really human and I just could not eat it.  I lasted 6 months until Christmas when I couldn’t imagine Christmas dinner without turkey and so I went back to meat.

So for twenty years I’ve been back on the meat wagon.  However recently I have started to re-evaluate a number of things in my life.  Like for one I want a small holding, secondly, I really want to be well again and third I want rid of the ole baby weight which has stubbornly refused to shift.  So I have been making changes to my life.  I’ve started going to a sustainability centre, I’m joining some eco- coops and I’m reinvesting time back in my art again.

I have done a lot of reading on diets and the quickest ways to lose weight and nothing has really worked for me, I have a really crap thyroid and am on large doses of thyroxine and yet still the weight refuses to shift.  More recently I have been reading a lot about how diet can cure a range of illnesses from MS to arthritis and sometimes even cancer.  Now I am not about to say everyone should follow these eating patterns if they want to be well.  We’ve all heard about people who follow the Gerson plan and have very sadly still died of cancer.

However I, at this time am willing to try most things, as long as I think I can stick with them.  I recently read how a vegan diet can cure various illnesses and how an alkaline diet can heal, or rather cause the dissipation of symptoms in a number of ailments and so I have decided to start following a vegan diet which I am going to try along with choosing more alkaline foods and also using hydrogen peroxide at 3%.  Now I know there is very limited medical evidence for this, and a lot of the evidence is anecdotal but why not give it a go.


So today I started  on my vegan diet and do you know what it’s gone quite well.  No hankering after meat, milk or even cheese.

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