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Faces of Caring Exhibition


I did write a big post here but somehow I managed to delete without realising; publish it and then realise so I could not press undo….. don’t you hate it when that happens?! Anyhow the Faces of Caring exhibition is a photographic exhibition curated by the lovely Katherine Sparks of […]

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Disability and worth

In this post-Capitalist society where you are judged it seems on purely monetary and aesthetic terms what are you worth when society deems you to be invisible? Since becoming wheelchair bound this is a question that I ponder a lot.  The way disability is portrayed by the popular press in […]

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Stones Smashing into the Earth

earth crash into the moon

No don’t worry that’s not some kind of sensationalist headline.  No it is my son’s latest worry.  When I say worry that’s putting it rather mildly.  He has managed to convince himself that some stones are about to crash into planet earth and we are going to then crash into […]

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Arts Able Survey

Artsable logo design

As I’m sure you are aware I have been working very hard lately on trying to start a charity to help children who have developmental disabilities access the arts in a more useful and interactive way.  If you are interested in finding out more then please have a look at […]

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Kissing Crazy

  Life with a child on the spectrum is never dull.  My son is now obsessed by kissing.  When I say obsessed I mean it and it is doing my head in!It all started a couple of weeks ago.  He is obsessed with Cinderella and Princesses, no don’t laugh, he […]

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Charity Begins at Home

“What an odd blog title” I may hear you say.  Well not really when you understand the context.  No, I’m not really some misanthropic person who wants to end all do-gooding.  On the contrary I am setting up a charity due to my son’s disability.   It occurred to me […]

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Get Involved with your Community

So I have been a bit quiet again of late.  This is because as well as feeling very poorly, I have also been mega-busy.  I finally have a new portfolio (not finished yet) up and running. You can find it here: badhofbauer.com I’ve joined a local co-operative and this morning […]

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What’s in a word? Part 1

I am interested in words, for a while a lot of my photographic work utilised text.  I find its form, shape and meaning all very interesting.  It is because of this interest that I decided to go on a hunt, a hunt for “AUT”. Autsim is a word we have […]

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I have been looking up various things to help with my autistic son’s behaviour of late and came upon the idea of traffic lights systems.  The problem is that for what these things are, essentially a laminated piece of card with a traffic light image and some words on, the […]

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The Holiday

To most people a holiday is a time to relax, to idle away the hours and forget about your stresses. That’s most people. The parent of an autistic has a somewhat different experience. It all starts rightly enough, you convince yourself this time will be different, you can forego the […]

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