Charity Begins at Home

“What an odd blog title” I may hear you say.  Well not really when you understand the context.  No, I’m not really some misanthropic person who wants to end all do-gooding.  On the contrary I am setting up a charity due to my son’s disability.


It occurred to me after going to a Gateway card event ( don’t know what this is?  If you live in Hampshire click here) that there is nothing to help children with developmental disabilities in my local area to access the arts.  Suddenly a lightbublb went off in my head.  Why didn’t I start one, maybe not a charity at first but an arts group aimed at children with developmental disabilities.

Soon this idea flourished and after a meeting with community action it was decided that a new charity based in Fareham would be started to help children with developmental disabilities access the arts.

There are two sides to the charity:

1) To try and increase the access to arts and culture for children with developmental disabilities (many children with developmental disabilities have social, behavioural and communication problems which make usual access to these types of things impossible).

2) To increase participation in artistic endeavours among children with developmental disabilities.  This will not just be within visual arts but also music, and theatre.  Children who experiences these types of disabilities tend to have trouble expressing themselves and do not join in with these activities due to sensory issues, etc.  We hope that by having the input of practitioners, parents and other charities we will be able to best provide a place where children can learn to express themselves in a positive manner.

The aim is that this will benefit everyone, first and foremost the child as having an outlet for their frustration and anxiety will (we hope) promote calm; they will learn to focus and apply themselves; they will learn new skills which may even lead on to a career in the future (a lot of these children grow into isolated and unemployed adults).  The families as a calmer child is better for them, plus they will be able to feel connected to other parents who know what they’re going through, and who knows they might learn a new skill too!.  Also those who give their time to ther charity will be hugely rewarded through working with these special children and their wonderful families.

If you are interested in joining us or getting involved then please get in touch through the comments here or email me at  We are currently in the process of sorting a website and I will add those details as they become available


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