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So I have been a bit quiet again of late.  This is because as well as feeling very poorly, I have also been mega-busy.  I finally have a new portfolio (not finished yet) up and running.

You can find it here:

I’ve joined a local co-operative and this morning I created an online membership service for them.  When I say local I mean it quite loosely, it’s about 20 minutes away from me but hey it’s good to get involved!  They are called The Southsea Greenhouse and they are a not-for-profit cooperative that sells lovely, nutritious, organically grown local food… YUM, YUM.  Anyhow you can join up and see my wonderful new page:


I’m also joining a local eco-op which is run by some cool sounding people and my God, I’ve joined a political party for the first time ever, the co-operative party, you can find out about them here.  Basically if you can’t tell I’m all for collaborative niceness and generally being a good egg.

With that in mind I took a rather large step this week.  I am starting a charity aimed at opening up the arts to children with developmental disabilities and also teaching them to express themselves creatively I am currently on the lookout for arts practitioners (artists of all kinds, dancers, musicians, actors) to help run workshops and generally link up (donating time would be a massive thing) and trustees.  Of course I just get to pick the first one and then I need to consult them on the others.  I found out over a 2 1/2 hour meeting yesterday the enormity of what I am undertaking.  Ah well…. watch this space.  I shall be explaining more soon



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