Kissing Crazy


Life with a child on the spectrum is never dull.  My son is now obsessed by kissing.  When I say obsessed I mean it and it is doing my head in!It all started a couple of weeks ago.  He is obsessed with Cinderella and Princesses, no don’t laugh, he is.  The big draw for Cinderella of course (we’re talking about the Disney version here) is that it(a) has cats, he loves Lucifer in particular, and (b) sensing they were onto a good thing, those miscreants at Disney made two sequels.  Oh yes they did and to be honest I feel like someone was probably on drugs when they came up with the storylines, for there are many.  Not subtle subtext, oh no, but full on no one will notice if we stick three completely disparate stories next to each other, kind of stories — well they have, I did and they’re awful.

Anyway, enough of my annoyance at Disney and their money making machine.  Back to the kissing.  So every time he saw the kiss on Cinderella he started hiding his face, moaning, laughing hysterically, and demanding to know why they were kissing.

His tendencies toward echolalic speech means that he repeats this phrase about forty times in a row, and his hyperactivity means that he does this whilst running back and forth.  After about a five minute break the whole process will start again.

In the last few days it has gotten worse.  He now makes really annoying kissing noises all the time.  If he see’s kissing in non cartoon TV/film he’s even worse.  He saw part of Speed 2 yesterday and refused to eat his tea as he was so caught up in the fact they may kiss.  My husband tried to move him and he had an almighty meltdown.

He is obsessed (yes I used that word a lot but it’s true, these things happen at the expense of all else) with computer tablets.  It’s my fault, when he did not speak I thought it would help with his interaction and development so I bought him an innotab, when he destroyed that in a meltdown I ended up buying another one as he was so distraught.  The problem is he has now moved on to stealing our kindles.

I will not let Moo touch mine as he managed to scratch the screen the second week I had it so he steals hubby’s.  Hubby is not like me; he is much more laid back and thinks nothing of letting Moo destroy his property (basically he goes with anything for a quiet life).  So now Moo thinks oh’s kindle is his and he is on it constantly.  If it is put up out of his reach we find him scaling furniture with no thought of danger.  If it’s on charge he will break the charger to get to it — it is a nightmare.   My poor mum is an apple devotee (no, really she is: my husband quite often jokes she should work for Apple) and is never (rarely) without her I-pad.  Moo knows this, when she comes round to ours he leaps on her and searches for it.  On the rare occasion she hasn’t brought it into our house he loses it and will not talk to her (little sod that he is).

Anyhow he was on hubby’s kindle this am and without Mr Man noticing it he had managed to get You Tube on.  When he heard voices coming from the machine Ed asked what he was doing

“I’m watching this”

Worried about what it was Ed retrieved the tablet.  It was Waterloo Rd (God I hate that dross).  He asked Moo why he was watching it and then came the answer, because the picture by the side had kissing and he wants to know why everyone is kissing all time.

Ed promptly took back the kindle and turned it off.  I’m left wondering how long this new fixation will last.  It is slowly driving me mad and also I find it a bit disconcerting for my just turned five year old to be so obsessed with kissing.  If he’s like this now what the hell will he be like when he’s got raging hormones.  That is a day Ed and I dread.


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  1. wendy says:

    Hopefully this is just a phase and he will go on to the next obsession. I hope it doesn’t last too long xx

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