It is Spring…. why not make a simple spring mobile with your kids?

So as the title suggests it is spring.

No, really it is; it’s just pretending to be winter.

So in honour of all things new and reborn, I give you…… da da da da.  My spring mobile for your pre-schoolers to make!

To make this craft you will need:

Tissue Paper
Foam Letters spelling out SPRING
Grey Hash shaped material
Silver punched sequin material
Black Art Paper
Cotton Wool
PVA Glue
3 Glue Dots
2 Crayons
Blue Paint
Gold Glitter
Card Shapes
Googly Eyes x 3
Red Wool

and you will also need the following shapes.  Feel free to click on the images below for full sized printable templates!

cloud and lamb print and cut template

cow and rabbit print and cut template

Make up your paint (if powder) and colour in your cloud with it.

 paint cloud

Leave to dry

SHEEP  Attach a glue dot to your large googly eye and stick it on to your sheep’s head.

Rip up your white tissue paper and scrunch it into small balls.

decorate sheep

Cover your sheep in glue and stick on your tissue paper.

Leave to dry.


Colour your cow in with the crayons .


colour in cow

RABBIT Cover the rabbit in glue and attach the cotton wool ball as its tail.  Using the materials (silver sequin punch out/black paper/ silver square fabric) or anything you have to hand decorate the rabbit as you choose.

Remember to attach your 2 remaining eyes to the rabbit’s face.

stick on eyesstick on taildecorate bunny

Leave to dry


Return to your cloud and stick on your letters to spell the word “SPRING” through the middle.  Decorate your cloud as you wish using the rest of your materials.

SPRINGdecorate cloud


Take your wool and thread it through the hole at the top of your cloud, tie into a knot.

Take your 2 longest threads of wool and thread them through the holes on either side of your cloud.  Then thread the other end through each of your card animals.  Finally thread your last piece of wool through the last hole in your cloud and then through your remaining card animal and tie in a knot.

thread your wool through

Your have made your spring mobile, why not hang it from your ceiling.

close up finishedhung up

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