ln-House Den Building

It’s cold outside, the ground is full of snow; I can’t leave the house in account of my brand new electric wheelchair dying (yes I am very angry and bitter).  Therefore I decided to ressurect an old blog post that I orginaly put on Little Doers.com last year.

Today we decided to help our kids build a den. It’s still up now. Children love den building, it gives them a sense of pride and accomplishment. Sometimes we forget that you don’t need to be in the woods to build a den. You can just as easily build one in your living room!


Today we constructed a den out of 2 dining chairs, a kids drum machine, a blanket, a throw, a baby playmat was the floor, plasma ball lighting and a giant dose of imagination!


It’s important to lay firm foundations for your den, yes 2 dining chairs are those foundations, don’t forget the kids drum machine!


Constructing our den, getting everything just right


A view of our den from the outside


making things whether it be crafts or dens, make kids happy


Our den “carpet”


children in the den!


We have all the modern conveniences, even lighting!

You can find other indoor den building advice from these sites:




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