Make Perfect Yorkshire Puddings Everytime

Now I don’t know if you’re aware what the French call us Brits, Le Rosbif.  I think it’s meant as a derrogatory term but actually I love my roast beef, thank you very much and what plate of roast beef would be complete without the brilliance that is yorkshire pudding.

Now I don’t know about you, but I feel about yorkshires the way the RSPCA feels about puppies and Christmas, yes a yorkshire pudding is for everything, not just for Roast Beef.

To that end I have experimented with many recipes over the years.  Some have been successful, some not so successful.  However I stumbled upon a trick to make the best yorkies going a while before Christmas and now I’m going to share it with you.  This is so simple you’ll never buy ready made again.

Again sorry about the pics, it was with my kindle fire and it really is the most horrendous quality and you can’t see anything!


A Cup

Plain Flour



A tap


A bowl and whisk, electric whish makes this easier.


Ok basically you get your cup and you crack eggs into it until it is filled, pour them into your bowl.

eggs in a cup

Now make like Jackson and beat it until they’re a bit mousey (lots of little bubbles).

 beat til moussey

Get that cup again and fill it with plain flour, tip into your egg,  Now do it again.  You basically need twice the amount of flour as eggs.  Add a pinch or two of salt.

 cup with flour


Start to whisk together.  Now the next bit is easier if you have a hands free mixer but if not, don’t frett, you’ll still be fine.

 whisk together

Now while you’ve got the whisker on, or just stop whisking  you don’t have a stand alone one; get that cup again and fill it with milk.  Add that to your mix.  Now half fill it with water and add that.

Continue to whisk.  You want it really bubbly, get as much air into it as you can.  Now leave it to rest and get on with your other cooking.

After it’s rested give it another quick whisk and then either turn it into one big yorkshire or cover some sausages with it or use a greased muffin tin. Make sure you only half fill any container so that they have room to rise.

 yummy yorkshires

Place in a hot oven about 200 C for about 30 mins and they they’re ready.


That’s it, as the Meerkat would say “Simples…”

I forgot to say that you can freeze these yorkshires and even reheat from frozen!



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