My Little Monkey: an ode to an autistic child

A short poem about autism and my son

My Little Monkey


My little monkey is a cracking little fellow

He runs round like a lunatic and is never, ever mellow

He likes to twirl in circles and crashes into things

He doesn’t understand the world, or the joy he brings


My little monkey, is  a cheeky little chappy

Although he’s not a baby, at night he still wears nappies

He loves Thomas the Tank Engine, and running to and fro

I know that he loves us but it doesn’t always show


My little monkey, takes pictures all the time

He clings on to his camera. Without it he just whines

His favourite current pasttime, is being filmed wearinng a box

I don’t care that he’s abnormal, cos we think that he rocks!


My little monkey, he  shouts and cries and screams

He finds everything so difficult, he’s not really being mean

He shouts if people look at him and they think that he’s bad

But he’s not, he’s just autistic and perhaps a little mad


So if you see my monkey and he’s like a thing possessed

He’s just having a meltdown, and that cannot be suppressed

Don’t look and tut just carry on, with what you have to do

And don’t judge another parent ’til you’re walking in their shoes.


 milo and teddy copy





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