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Get Involved with your Community

So I have been a bit quiet again of late.  This is because as well as feeling very poorly, I have also been mega-busy.  I finally have a new portfolio (not finished yet) up and running. You can find it here: I’ve joined a local co-operative and this morning […]

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What’s in a word? Part 1

I am interested in words, for a while a lot of my photographic work utilised text.  I find its form, shape and meaning all very interesting.  It is because of this interest that I decided to go on a hunt, a hunt for “AUT”. Autsim is a word we have […]

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Why Colin Brewer is Wrong


I do not usually take part in blog link ups.  It’s not that I have anything against them, I don’t.  It’s just I’m not a very  “bloggy” person.  Now this seems ridiculous as I ran a blog alongside Little Doers before costs (the cost to me) made me take the […]

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I have been looking up various things to help with my autistic son’s behaviour of late and came upon the idea of traffic lights systems.  The problem is that for what these things are, essentially a laminated piece of card with a traffic light image and some words on, the […]

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The Holiday

To most people a holiday is a time to relax, to idle away the hours and forget about your stresses. That’s most people. The parent of an autistic has a somewhat different experience. It all starts rightly enough, you convince yourself this time will be different, you can forego the […]

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“I hate everybody in the whole planet”

I love my autistic son.  He cracks me up so much, it took me over 30 years to become a bit of a misanthrope but he has managed it in under 5. Today has been a bit of a shitty day for him.  We are going away tomorrow and so […]

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The Lonlieness of the Autism Parent

I find it very difficult to be honest with myself about my feelings.  There is always that inner voice telling you that you’re bad or wrong for thinking a certain way, or that others will judge you and you should keep it to yourself. After a while these feelings become […]

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“I don’t like Playschool”

So meltdown moo does not like playschool.  Anyone who asks him will get this answer.  Well that is if they ask him over an hour after he gets home from said playschool, as in the golden hour after picking him up he loves it.   Now you might wonder why, if […]

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The Autism Chronicles Day One

So today I have decided to start writing down some of our daily experiences due to Meltdown Moo’s issues.  Before I begin you must understand that we are quite a batty family anyway and we already stand out of a crowd.  Let me introduce you to the players: Mum: That’s […]

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